Top Ten Common Hardwood Floor Messes and How to Deal with Them


No matter how careful you are and avoiding hardwood floor messes and how good you are with your hardwood floor maintenance routine, messes will happen even in the households of the best ones and there is nothing that much worrying about them to set you into a panic mode. The good news is that the majority of the wood floor messes are easy to deal with and you don’t need to invest all of your time, energy, money and elbow grease. All you need is the right strategy and the right way to approach each type of mess. Let’s have a more in-depth look at ten of the most common messes that could happen to your real wood floor and how to take care of them with ease.

How to Deal with Liquid Spills

Liquid spills should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the risk of permanent water damage and stains. Wipe them off with a clean rag carefully to prevent the liquid from spreading further. You should also be careful with splashes and paddles on your hardwood floor. If there are any wet rugs or mats left on the floor, remove them as soon as possible, otherwise, there is a high risk of water damage if these are left for too long.

In case you didn’t remove the spill on time and how it has caused discolouration of the surface of the floor, use a bit of a floor cleaning product that is designed for hardwood floors only, since it comes with a neutral pH that is not damaging to the floor’s finish and to bare wood. Once you are done treating the discoloured area, make sure to wipe off the excess product.

How to Deal with Dry Spills

When dry goods and products are spilt on the surface of the floor, it is a bit easier as you can easily clean the debris and residue with a vacuum cleaner. Thankfully, high-quality wood floor finishes are resistible to the effects of dry spills, however, you still want to clean the area quickly in order to prevent the risk of micro-scratches and possible staining. Always make sure to use a broom with soft bristles or the attachment of your vacuum machine that is designed for hardwood floors so you don’t scratch the surface of the floor and the finish.

How to Deal with Everyday Dust and Debris

Regular cleaning of the floor is highly recommended, therefore, you should find floor cleaning services that work the best for you and your household. Thankfully, simple wood floor cleaning is neither complex nor time-consuming, however, it is necessary as it will maintain the floor in perfect condition and appearance for many years. Leaving everyday dust and debris on the floor for too long means that your floor will not only not look in its best condition and shape, but you also risk the debris scratching the surface of the floor and causing some smaller imperfections, especially in high traffic areas.

How to Deal with Road Salt

Once the winter months start approaching, there is a big chance of road salt being transferred into the house from outside and it can cause some serious issues with the condition and appearance of the floor and the finish if not treated properly. Regular cleaning of the floor will help a lot, however, you also want to invest in a high-quality mat you will place at the entrance of the house. This way the mat will catch the majority of the road salt and other debris and prevent them from entering your home and damaging the floor, being transferred through the soles of the shoes. Make sure you choose a doormat that is made out of breathable material and avoid mats with rubber or plastic backings.

How to Deal with Animal Messes

When it comes to animal messes such as paddles of urine, you want to approach them the same way you approach liquid spills and you want to remove them immediately. Since your pet’s urine could be highly damaging to the floor’s finish, make sure you are really quick with removing it once you notice the paddle. Once again, use a clean and dry cloth and a good quality wood floor cleaning product.

How to Deal with Grease Marks

Once again, grease marks should be treated the same way as liquid spills and you want to remove them immediately with a dry and clean cloth or rag and a good quality wood floor cleaner. Alternatively, you can use a few drops of a mild liquid dish soap dissolved in water to clean the area. Just make sure the cloth or rag you are using is slightly damp and not wet.

How to Deal with Stains from Crayons and Ink

Spots from crayons and ink can be gently removed with the help of mineral spirits. Once again, you need a clean and dry cloth for that. Be gentle when rubbing the stain. Do not forget to finish things off with a wood floor cleaner so you can remove any leftover mineral spirits and then dry the area treated thoroughly.

How to Deal with Shoe and High Heel Marks

First things first, if possible you should limit wearing shoes inside the house as much as possible. Shoes, especially high heels, put a lot of pressure on the surface of the floor and scratch the finish of the wood while also hiding a lot of risks of leaving major marks. Now, if the marks left by shoes are already there, treat them with just a clean cloth and rub gently. While this simple method sometimes works, if the marks are more stubborn, you can use a small number of mineral spirits to remove the marks. Do not forget to use a wood floor cleaning product afterwards.

How to Deal with Minor Scratches

Minor scratches on the surface of your wooden floor do not only affect the overall appearance of the floor, making it look worn and old, but they also weaken the protective power of the finish and can become a more serious issue for the durability of the floor if they are left neglected for too long. Now, there are different types of touch up products offered on the market and if you are not dealing with too many scratches, you can use them. However, if the surface of the floor is way too scratched, especially in high traffic areas, you are recommended to hire a professional wood floor sanding and refinishing service provider.

How to Deal with Major Gouges

Now, big and very noticeable wood floor gouges, dents, and scratches often require a more professional approach than just using a product you can purchase from every store near you. Therefore, instead of trying to remove them on your own, make sure to discuss the issue with your local wood flooring service providers and they will be able to recommend you the most efficient treatment for your situation.


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