The Best Selling Travel Souvenirs By Country


Travel and wandering around the world has not been easy to say the list in the past year and so. Recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon further sunk our hopes and dreams to travel abroad in the upcoming summer. In fact, even a short holiday in the country is probably not going to be feasible anytime soon.

What we do have left as a remedy to the travel bug itching us more and more with every new day coming around. Well, we can always dream of travelling and go back to the happy memories of when we were able to enjoy the freedom of visiting different countries and getting to know different cultures. If you were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a few travels back in the days before the pandemic, you have probably gathered a good collection of travel souvenirs. Good for you, because travel souvenirs are the easiest way to rekindle memories of glory and joyful days spent in any other place.

Travel souvenirs may be one of the tourist's traps for making you spend money on unnecessary things, but now more than ever we need them, we want them, we enjoy them. So if your fridge is full of tacky magnets and your cupboards are full of different cups and mugs you have gathered from where you have been – good for you, you already have something to enjoy and look at when you start missing travelling way too much.

Meanwhile, you can also consider plans for where you would like to go once the pandemic is over and what souvenirs you would bring back. Here are some of the best and most popular gifting go-to's from different countries around the world and what you would like to bring home in order to keep the memory.

Top-Selling Souvenirs from North America

North America may not be divided into many different countries, however, it is definitely a melting pot for so many different cultures, each of them offering unique knick-knacks for you to enjoy and bring back home. The two largest countries in the region offer more than souvenirs but something that can really tantalise and enchant your taste buds. The most popular thing people take home when leaving the US is actually… sweets and candy, that is right.

The big country is known for a plethora of delicious food and probably the vastest variety of sweets and candies available to you, so there is no wonder you can find some weird and creative flavours of your classic sweets from your childhood along with new brands and products you have never tried. Naturally, sweet shops replace souvenir shops in the US easily. Meanwhile, Canada is not that much of a surprise with maple syrup being the number one souvenir people bring back home to their family and friends. It couldn’t be any other way as maple syrup has become the staple in Canada’s diet along with the maple leaf being the symbol on the country’s flag.

Meanwhile, Central America and along the equator where you will be spoilt of choice of exotic, interesting and quirky souvenirs you would like to bring home and gift to your friends and family, delicious and aromatic coffee being the top choice for many countries in the region. This is not a surprise at all as the mic of perfect weather and heat are pretty much contributing to the most delicious coffee in the world.

In particular, Jamaica is where you will be able to find the popular Blue Mountain coffee, which is often regarded by many people as the best coffee in the world. Along with high-quality coffee, you will be able to fill your luggage with equal quality of delicious rum, cigars, and quirky souvenirs inspired by the celebrated in Mexico, Day of the Dead, Dia de Los Muertos.

Top-Selling Souvenirs from Europe

Europe is, indeed, a hub for different cultures and countries, each of them providing you with a cool or adorable way to remember it. Besides culture, history, variety, natural beauty, and delicious food, you will be able to find a lot of amazing souvenirs when travelling the old continent.

It is not a surprise that with its rainy weather that makes it to so many jokes, the most popular souvenir from the UK is an umbrella. However, we are not exactly sure if people buy umbrellas when they visit the UK just as a souvenir or because they actually need it while there. The top takeaway souvenir of three countries in Europe – Belgium, France, and Ireland – is without any surprise the delicious chocolate.

Meanwhile, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland are all known for the beauty of the natural amber found in the Baltic sea, therefore, people are usually leaving them with a set of beautiful amber jewellery. Germany and Cyprus both sound like pretty fun places to be, with beer being the top takeaway souvenir from Germany and a bottle or two of Cypriot wine being a necessary addition to your luggage when leaving the island country.

Add new knick-knacks on your shelves when visiting Ukraine and taking a Pysanka egg with you, Sweden with a Dala horse, Finland and Moomin mug, Italy and a Venetian mask, Portugal and rooster of Barcelos, Turkey and the evil eye, Czech Republic and marionettes, Greece and some worry beads.

You can also add some fresh additions to your wardrobe with a watch from Luxembourg, clogs from the Netherlands, beret from France, espadrilles from Spain. You can further improve your appearance with Bulgarian rose cosmetic products from Bulgaria and lavender products from Croatia. Think of the kids and bring them back Lego from Denmark and Mozart balls from Austria.

Top-Selling Souvenirs from Asia

Souvenirs from Asian countries further show how the continent is such a large and wonderful hub for so many different and spectacular cultures. Collecting such souvenirs will help you keep precious memories of the places you have visited. When visiting Japan do not forget taking some Origami paper with you.

A calligraphy set is the most popular thing you can bring back from China, while South Korea will mesmerise you with beautiful tea sets you will surely want to bring home. When coming back from Sri Lanka and Bhutan do not forget to take a traditional carved mask with you.


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