How to Find the Right Person – Dating Tips


Let’s be honest, dating is definitely a complex thing. It is not rocket science just because dating is even harder and more complicated. Well, for the majority of people indeed it is. Even if you are comfortable with yourself, confident and sophisticated, this does not mean that dating gets easier. The idea of putting yourself out there on the dating scene usually feels pretty overwhelming and makes you feel vulnerable, and rightfully so. In case you are single and ready to mingle and you want to step up your dating game, make sure to have a look at our best tips for dating and finding the right person for you below.

Put Yourself Out There

Indeed, meeting new people can be really stressful and overwhelming, however, there is no other way to meet the right person than just putting yourself out there. It may take time and meeting a lot of people that are not the right ones until you actually find the right one, however, it is worth it in the end. Try to overcome the negative emotions and forget about the negative expectations you may have. The more you put yourself out there, the higher the chance to meet great people.

And even if you are not meeting the best people, every date with every person will give you some sort of a lesson and you will be able to learn something new about yourself and what you are actually looking for. Dating apps are the most popular method for meeting new people nowadays. However, if they are not your cup of tea, you can ask your friends if they can set a date for you with someone they think is a good match. You can also opt for scoping the scene at your favourite places – this will even increase your chances of meeting people who share similar interests with.

Be Open-Minded

To be open-minded is, arguably, one of the most important things you can be when navigating the dating scene. First things first, you may have a certain type, which means you are looking for a very specific group of people. However, this leaves out a lot of your potential matches and some of them are most probably the right people for you. Just because someone has different interests than your “type” or does not look exactly how you imagine them to be, does not mean that they are not someone you can potentially fall in love with. Give yourself the chance to meet amazing people outside the circle of your “type” and you may end up pleasantly surprised.

Safety First

Yes, we all would love to live in an ideal work where dating is this wonderful thing of meeting new people with no other risk than simply going on a boring date. However, we all know that things are not happening like in this imaginary perfect bubble of happiness and joy. Meeting strangers can be risky to an extent. At the end of the day, you don’t know the person next to you and what they are capable of, what their intentions are. You don’t need to leave the fear of strangers to stop you from searching for your love, however, make sure to prioritise your safety when dating.

It takes a bit of common sense to know and feel what situations could be potentially dangerous and you better stay away from them. Meet with new people in crowded places with a lot of people around and never in private. Trust your gut – if a situation or a person seems suspicious or simply doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you are free to leave without worrying you may be taken as rude and not polite.

If you are not comfortable with giving your consent to something or someone – just don’t do it. In addition, before you go out on a date, always make sure to let at least one of your friends or family members know where you are going and who are you going with.

Have Your Own Pace

In case you feel that things are moving too fast or too slow, you are probably right – if you don’t feel comfortable with the pace things are happening, let the other person know. At the end of the day, we are all different and we all feel comfortable and happy with different things. You need to set your own pace and do what you feel ok with. Forget about society’s unwritten rules about when is the right time to kiss someone or who should call first. If you feel like you want to kiss or call someone, just do it… when you have their consent, of course.

It Takes Time

Hitting the jackpot of meeting the love of your life after a couple of dates is something that mainly happens in romantic movies. In reality, meeting the right person for you usually takes time and meeting with a lot of people you will not end up liking a lot. However, do not allow this to disappoint you or stop you from keep searching for your love.

Sure enough, the time when you will meet your love will come soon or later. Do not rush the process, do not settle with a partner who is not the perfect match for you just out of fear that you won’t be able to meet someone, and do not get depressed. Meeting your soulmate will not happen overnight for the majority of people and there is nothing wrong with you.


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