Driving Habits You Need To Let Go In The New Year


It does not matter if you have just started the journey or becoming a driver and you have just got your drivers license, or you are a spiced driver for decades, there will always be some driving habits you don't even realise they are bad but you are doing them. These are the driving license you want to give up on in the new year. You know what they say, new year - new me, so what better time to improve yourself as a driver and let go the bad habits than at the start of the year, right? Now, the main problem here is that bad driving habits are usually not that simple and easy to notice and release they are affecting your driving skills or experience.

These usually seem pretty harmless at first, everyone is doing them, therefore, they are not even considered to be really that bad or bad at all. However, they are, therefore it is recommendable and even necessary to let them go. Letting go of bad driving habits will not simply improve your driving experience, in many situations, it will significantly decrease the risks for you that arise with driving a vehicle, also for other road users and passengers.

With that being said, here are some bad driving habits many drivers still have but giving up on them will do only good to you.

Using Your Phone Will Driving

Come on, everybody does it every now and then. Some drivers even do it all the time. However, you know it is bad, therefore it is prohibited by law. Using your phone while you are driving is one of the worst habits you can have as a driver and can potentially put you in pretty dangerous situations. Unfortunately, texting while driving is something that can even lead to a lethal accident. Statistics show that a big portion of the accidents on the road are caused by reckless drivers who are texting or using their phone while driving.

Using your phone while driving occupies all your attention. Even for seconds, this means that there are seconds when you absolutely no focus on the road. Many things can happen during these seconds. Texting and using your phone while driving, in general, makes you less alert, which means you are more prone to committing mistakes and less able to respond adequately and quickly to possible situations and scenarios.

The worst things are that despite the fact that using your phone while driving is prohibited in many countries around the world and there are constant warnings, reminders, and punishments to keep your mind on the fact it is a bad thing, many drivers still use their phones while they are driving. Be the one who starts a positive change. It is easier than you may think.

Before you start driving your car, make sure that everything is already set up for the day. Plugin your device, set up your destination in the navigation app you are using, set up the music playlist, answer all texts and social media comments, check up what you need to know and once you are done, this is when you want to start the engine and set off. Handsfree accessories are another great idea you can take advantage of that will allow you staying in touch with everyone and responding to all calls while you are driving around.

Leaving Repairs Until Last Minute

If you are one of those drivers who tend to leave repairs until the last minute, it is about time to change that. This bad habit is definitely not something that will save you money. In fact, what has started as a minor problem, over time becomes a serious issue, oftentimes beyond repair and even if repairable - it will cost a little fortune and make you break the bank.

Therefore, once you start noticing a problem, even if it seems like a pretty minor one that can wait some time, make sure you are taking care of it on time and preventing further damage to your vehicle that will not only cost you a lot of money and nerves but can even eventually put you in a dangerous situation.

Besides the importance of always repairing your car on time, make sure you are not getting the cheapest spare parts available if a replacement is required. Remember that you get what you are paying for and you will soon find yourself paying for new spare parts and new repair service.

Accelerating or Breaking Harshly and Suddenly

Well, you already know that speeding is not a good habit to have and definitely one that puts you into dangerous situations on the road. Sudden acceleration and harsh braking are equally bad, so don't count on these either if you want to go over the speed limit on the road.

Sudden accelerations and braking are bad and dangerous for all road users around you, for the pedestrians, and, of course, for everybody in the car. Premature wear and tear of the car are also often caused by abruptly and frequently stepping on the gas and brake pedals. Therefore, make sure to let go of these bad habits in the new year and focus on your safety on the road.

No Seat Belt

Not wearing a seatbelt is among the most dangerous thing you can do while on the road. Statistics show that a big part of the deaths on the road every year could be easily prevented if drivers and passengers simple wore seatbelts. Therefore, ensure your safety and the safety of everybody in the car and simply don't forget to wear the seatbelts, they are there for a reason. Not wearing a seatbelt while in the car is not simply life-threatening, but also against the wall and all road regulations.

Not Using the Indicators

Well, this is a very frustrating one. However, not using the indicators is not simply annoying, it can potentially put you in dangerous situations and increases the risk of harmful accidents. Never assume that the other users of the road and all pedestrians can automatically predict where you are planning to go and what you are planning to do. The signal lights of your car are there for a reason - for you to use them.


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