What Does the Lunar 2022 Year of the Tiger hold for you?


The world's lower "8" cycle is in its 18th year. The 60-year period between 1984 and 2043 is a "fire-wind cauldron", but the year 2022 is a "water-fire completion."


This is the year of the Tiger. Relationships that are volatile should be avoided. At times, there may be legal difficulties. There is, however, a dominating learning indication. This is an excellent year for learning and education. The travel sign would also make it easier to relocate, travel, or change jobs.

Both the educational and spiritual sectors are important to you. Teaching and religion, as well as analytical jobs such as IT, accounting, legal, or holding public office, are all good choices. Simply stick to your regular income. Your relationships might be a little shaky. This may not be the best year to tie the knot. It's possible that minor illnesses are unavoidable. Get plenty of rest and exercise.



This is your year of romance. You should be able to get along with others. Public relations, sales, and marketing are all beneficial to your career. You should have a clear head, which is why analytical work is beneficial.

You prefer jobs that involve people, such as wedding planning. Entertainment, a personnel agency, and other good occupations are also available. Analytical work is also beneficial to your health. Your financial situation should be secure. Your friendships are incredible. However, there may be some disagreements from time to time. Maintain a low-key and modest demeanour.


The dragon is a powerful symbol of innovation and creation. You have a very strong intuition. In comparison to the previous year, this is a considerably better year. Work: You like artistic endeavours such as writing, painting, architecture, acting, singing, and other such activities. You also choose employment that involves funerals and burials. Mobile enterprises like logistics and travel are also beneficial to you.

Your earnings would be a lot more consistent as a result of your hard effort. You have a terrific relationship. This is the year to get married if you want to. If you're married, you should love each other more. You should be in good health. Simply concentrate on your waist and kidneys.


Snake and Tiger have a history of feuding. Try to stay away from joint ventures. Accidents should also be avoided. Your income and investments, on the other hand, should provide you with outstanding returns.

You like legal careers such as law and policing. Work that involves blood, such as surgery, is also beneficial. Trading and other businesses are also advantageous to you. But take caution not to breach the law. Your earnings should be adequate. Consider growing your business and putting more money into it. Your relationships may be a little volatile. People's issues should be avoided at all costs. Maintain your serenity. Be honest with one another. Overall, you appear to be in good health. Just keep an eye out for accidents that result in blood.


The Horse makes a wonderful connection with the Tiger. As a result, your interpersonal interactions should vastly improve. There should be enough to choose from. You prefer to be on the go. You should have a great sense of intuition. Your financial situation and authority should improve.

Work that requires movement, such as logistics, trade, sales, and marketing, appeals to you. Human resources are also advantageous. Work involving philosophy or religion is also beneficial. If you work in management, this year should go well. Your financial situation should improve, especially if you hold a position of power. You should notice good outcomes if your employment requires intuition or investments. You should automatically attract amazing partnerships as a result of the golden connection. If you're married, you should love each other more. If you're still single, you might want to think about getting married. Your general health should be excellent. Just keep in mind that muscular tension might occur from time to time.


This year, the Sheep has a lot of lucky signals. There should be several joyous occasions. Your interpersonal interactions should be healthy. Have fun with your luck.

You prefer professions with automobiles or airplanes. The domains of public relations and medicine are also beneficial to you. This year, your buddies could be able to assist you in making money. Speculative income, on the other hand, should be avoided. Flat but solid partnerships are ideal. Married men should rely strongly on their spouses for assistance. There should be plenty of joyous occasions. Your health should be significantly better this year than it was the previous year.


Tiger is on the other side of Monkey. It's a sign of discontent. As a result, you must refrain from speculating. Accidents that result in bleeding should also be avoided. Your learning indication, on the other hand, is quite powerful. You must excel in either teaching or research. Mobility-required work is also beneficial to your health.

Consider the fields of education and research. No casinos are recommended. Maintain a conservative attitude. You also like the logistics, tourism, and commerce industries. Blood-related work, such as surgery, is also beneficial. You should be able to live comfortably on your normal wage. Don't take any risks. It's possible that your relationships will be a little difficult. Arguments should be avoided. Take a step back and think about what you're saying. You're prone to sickness and mishaps. Drive with caution. Work that is hazardous should be avoided.


The Rooster may be attracted to romance and healthy partnerships. Your level of authority should rise. You should have a clear head. You have a good chance of succeeding in management. The entertainment industry is beneficial to your health. You can also benefit from education or running for public office. Your reputation may be more valuable than your money.

It may, however, assist in providing you with possibilities to earn money. Your financial situation should be steady. You should take pleasure in romance and healthy relationships. Consider getting married if you are single. If you're married, you should love each other more. You, on the other hand, are prone to arguing about insignificant matters. Be thoughtful towards others. Your general health should be excellent. You have a strong amorous aura. Keep an eye on your waistline and kidneys.


A golden connection is formed when a dog interacts with a tiger. As a result, you should seek assistance from a variety of sources. You might still have to put forth some effort. Your relationships might still be in jeopardy. Also, keep an eye out for accidents. When working, take your time.

You prefer jobs that involve blood, such as surgeon or butcher. Jobs such as police officer or military are also desirable. Your earnings are consistent but flat. Having a steady income is preferable to having a speculative income. Your efforts should be rewarded with further money. In the middle of tranquillity, there lies a conflict indicator. Be thoughtful towards others. When engaging with one another, be kind rather than harsh. Your general health is in good shape. Accidents should be avoided at all costs. Drive with caution. Sharp things should be avoided.


Pigs interact with Tigers. They also have disagreements with one another at times. Arguments and emotions should be avoided. It's possible that you'll have to put in more effort to complete your task. You, on the other hand, would be an excellent public speaker. You prefer professions that need you to talk. Public speaking, education, religion, philosophy, and spiritual pursuits are all examples of this. Acting and singing are both helpful for you in the entertainment industry.

Your earnings should be consistent. If you're in a partnership with someone, be wary of financial disagreements. Make certain that everything is handled correctly. Your relationships can be a little shaky. Arguments should be avoided. Take a deep breath and take a step back. Be kind with yourself and let go. Be in tune with one another. This year, you should be pretty powerful. Just be careful not to overwork yourself. Minor accidents may occur.


Rat is a powerful traveler. At work, your authority should rise. You may, however, be prone to minor mishaps. Maintain a healthy balance in your life. Do not overwork yourself. Mobile employment, such as logistics and travel, appeals to you. Trade with other countries is also advantageous. You'd also be suitable for a career as a police officer, military, or public official.

Your riches should be proportional to your efforts. There may not be any shortcuts available. Your romantic life should be in shambles. You can even have a habit of arguing excessively. Your frequent travel may have a negative impact on your relationships. Pay greater attention to the people you care about. Maintain your composure and patience. Small accidents may occur. Lifting large objects should be avoided. Drive with caution.


This year, the ox has a few favourable indicators. Your romantic life, on the other hand, may be half excellent, half horrible. Just relax and enjoy yourself. It's important to maintain track of your health. Your task will be related to healing. Human resources, public relations, sales, and marketing are all beneficial skills to have.

Your wealth would be linked to the assistance of your fortunate signs. However, you could not have a lot of speculative cash. Before it becomes personal, your love life may appear remote. If you're still single, you should think about marrying. This year, there is a symptom of a disease. You could be predisposed to certain health problems. To boost your immune system, get plenty of rest and exercise.


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