10 Kitchen Design Ideas


Because we've spent so much time in our houses over the previous two years, the improvements we'd like to make have become more apparent. Take a look at this list of kitchen design trends if you've realized that your kitchen is in need of an upgrade. Some of these suggestions entail painting, while others can completely transform your kitchen.

Stay Rustic

Repurposing what we already have will be a popular trend in our kitchens. You can't go wrong with old flooring as a bookshelf if you want the aesthetic. Terracotta is a fantastic material for both walls and floors. Any recycled wood you can get your hands on will be put to good use. Kitchen islands, furniture, cabinets, and flooring may all benefit from it.

Choose Green

We're drawn to the hues seen in nature as we spend more time indoors. Green has been a popular option in the kitchen as we seek soothing impacts in our homes. It works in both dark and light tones and gives the kitchen a warm, organic vibe. The walls may be painted in a variety of colours. Cabinets can also be painted. Choose a countertop type with a colour undertone that you may utilize as an accent colour. Accent colours such as gold, bright blues, and salmon work well. Grey accents provide a nice contrast to the white. In a dark green forest, brass hardware gleams like golden gems.

Wood Elements

Wood is honoured with a significant comeback in the kitchen, thanks to a growing focus on natural materials and sustainability. Designers and homeowners alike are adoring the warmth and nature-inspired gesture wood offers to a room, from hardwood floors, exposed beams, and butcher block worktops to refurbished island tables.

Recently, there has been a significant trend toward using wood in the kitchen. Shifting from light oak colours to darker, richer wood tones for more warmth. It's not often all of the cabinets in this darker wood—it may be just an accent piece, a section of the space, or simply the flooring—but it gives the kitchen a depth that we adore, like a warm, inviting call to stay.

Round Shapes

Rounded designs are becoming increasingly trendy. You can even make curves in your cabinets. The space flows better with softer lines. Open shelving may be used to round the edges of your cabinets. Spend time with a designer if you want the whole experience. A curved kitchen island to a spherical cook station is among your alternatives. It's advisable to talk to an expert about your ideas. They'll be able to work around your limitations. They also have access to cabinetry that is only available to those who work in the field.

Combine Colors and Patterns

We've grown more confident in our ability to incorporate colours and patterns into our spaces over time. The monochrome style we were used to might grow tedious as we spend more time at home. The first guideline of colour and pattern mixing is to choose a colour that is universal to all textiles and finishes. If you're just getting started, go with a single bold colour or a pattern for the backsplash.

Mix Warm and Dark Tones

In 2022, warm, dark tones will remain fashionable in kitchens. Combine dark grey and black with brown accent colours and wood trim. Glossy black paints should be avoided. Instead, use matte or chalky finishes. This is a well-known combo. It produces a style that resembles the warmth and comfort of a neighbourhood coffee shop.

It is not necessary to use black. Gray and green will complement each other if they have similar undertones. The dye will bring out the natural burls in the oak. This will go well with grey accents. Dark brown and light grey with organic accents and finishes are on the menu. Navy and dark wood also work nicely together. On your kitchen island, experiment with navy cabinetry and dark stains.

Marble Slabs

Beautiful marble slabs are taking the place of little tiles. It makes a statement no matter where it's utilized, and it's especially stunning as a backsplash. It's also easier to clean than a standard tile arrangement since there's less grout to clean. To retain the flow, use a slab with deep veining and book match the veins. Keep the floor colour light to avoid drawing attention away from your lovely backsplash.

Cottage Style

Kitchens in Cottage Style are evocative of a past era. The kitchen is modest and efficient, rather than having an open concept sensation. The walls, ceiling, and floor will be the focal points. Traditional features include exposed beams, tiled hardwood floors, and earthy hues. Reclaimed wood may be used to create a kitchen island. Open shelving, crockery, copper-clad cookware, and a farm sink complete the design.

Matching Cabinets and Hardware

Beautiful cabinetry is making a comeback, but this time with a twist. Hardware is frequently chosen in a hue that contrasts or complements the rest of the room. The trend is to match the cabinets. Strive for a tone-on-tone effect. The scale and polish will be crucial in getting this properly. Don't be scared to mix and match drawers and cabinets pull styles.

Minimalism Does Not Go Out of Fashion

Minimalism is a timeless aesthetic that never goes out of style. Paint your kitchen in neutral hues to get the effect. You'll want to get everything off the countertops, so storage is essential. Replace your cabinet knobs with straight bars. You may even take it a step further and get rid of them completely. Add some organic materials to the design if you're worried that it is looking dated.


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