Best Tips for Online Food Shopping


Since the beginning of the pandemic and the following lockdowns, one new service emerged and quickly gained so much popularity and traction – online grocery or food shopping. Well, in fact, shopping online for food and groceries is not a new thing, some grocery stores or service providers offer the service for already a few years. However, grocery shopping has never been as popular and widely used as it is now.

There is no doubt, that online food and grocery shopping provide clients with everything they need during these challenging times – comfort, safety, and the opportunity to stay at home and stay safe. Despite all the challenges the pandemic brought, it also has paved the paths for some business opportunities in a number of different fields and niches that were not as popular and well-known before all the changes in the world and online grocery shopping is one of them.

No wonder more and more service providers are offering grocery shopping services and delivery and more and more grocery stores are hopping into the wagon and offering the service too. Here are some tips for you for when you decide to try online grocery shopping, or if this is not your first time – how to improve your grocery shopping skills so you can shop for the best products and offers.

Order Early

The earlier you place an order the higher chance for you to be able to be assigned to a shopper. In case you think you have enough time and placing your order an hour before you decide to make the lunch is probably wrong. Due to the popularity of the service, many people are now using the help of shoppers and they are too busy to be able to deliver all orders. Therefore, play it safe and place your order as early as possible. Some grocery stores allow placing an order up to 24 hours in advance.

Know Your Store and App

In order to be able to quickly place orders and enjoy easy and convenient online grocery shopping, make sure to know your store, what they are usually selling, what offers do they usually have, etc. In addition, make sure you understand how to work with the online shopping app of the store if there is any. Such apps offer the additional advantage of access to promo codes and offers. Finally, make sure to learn how your store is working in the content of online shopping. Some stores do not allow you to add additional items to your shopping bag once you have finished your order, while others can later add all the items you have initially forgot to order to your delivery.

Choose Preferred Replacements

There is no guarantee that the items you want to order will all be in stock at the moment of purchase, therefore, it is a good idea to choose preferred replacements before you finish up your order. If you pre-select a replacement option for everything on your list, it will be easier for the shopper to gather your order and deliver it to you. You can opt for additionally listing other brands if your preferred one is not available, or opt for an additional note such as “use the best judgement”.

Keep Your Phone Handy

A number of grocery stores will connect you with your shopper whilst they are preparing your order. The faster you respond to the texts from your shopper, the quicker you will get the order and the less the shopper will be exposed to the risk of viruses and germs in the store. Since your order is probably going to be collected before the delivery window, make sure to keep your phone handy and once you get that intro text from your shopper – respond as soon as possible. This will mean to them that you are available for questions if they are any, and the whole process from shopping to delivery will be easier and faster for both sides.

Be Flexible

Stocks at stores are changing constantly, which means that you may not be able to get your favourite brand of bacon or bread at the moment of placing an order. Since inventory numbers are rarely correct, you cannot get angry if something is out of stock. Just because an item is in the catalogue of the store, this does not mean it is in stock at the moment and can be purchased. Therefore, it will be easier if you are flexible and ready to choose another brand of products and even other products if the recipe you are planning to prepare is allowing replacements.


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