Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes Range


Are you looking for a new motorhome that provides luxurious comfort and all the amenities of a home, while still allowing you to explore the great outdoors? Look no further than the new Auto-Sleepers range.

These motorhomes offer everything from spacious living areas with comfortable seating and full kitchen facilities to stylish bedrooms with plenty of storage space. With modern features such as energy-efficient heating systems, satellite TV connections and integrated Bluetooth audio systems, these vehicles provide an unbeatable travel experience. Whether you’re planning a weekend away or a longer trip around Europe, Auto-Sleepers has something for everyone. So if you want to make your next holiday more enjoyable than ever before – take a look at what Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes has to offer!

Auto-Sleepers Peugeot Coachbuilt

From the Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes Range comes the Peugeot Coachbuilt motorhome, offering incredible comfort like no other. With a wide range of models available in berths ranging from 2 – 4 people, the Peugeot Coachbuilt is designed to meet everyone's needs, whether you're a couple looking for a romantic getaway or an adventurous family seeking new experiences.

Comfort is paramount in its design; Auto-Sleepers crafted the Peugeot Coachbuilt to give you that homey warmth you'd get from being at home while you're on the road. You can choose from a variety of layouts and sizes, making it easy to find your perfect motorhome and start creating memories. The Nuevo models provide a small but spacious residence that can be conveniently manoeuvred, whereas the Broadway models offer luxurious comfort that is sure to delight even the most discerning travelers. 

If you're looking for high quality and luxury without compromising on practicality then look no further than the Auto-Sleepers Peugeot Coachbuilt motorhome. Each model has been carefully built with comfort as their primary focus, providing travelers with all they need to enjoy their time on the road and make lasting memories with loved ones. From sleek exteriors through to plush interiors, this motorhome range offers something for everyone - from couples seeking romance away from home to families eager for adventure.

With berths of 2 – 4 people available in various sizes and lengths, there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding your ideal vehicle and starting your journey. Models such as the Nuevo provide great manoeuvrability with their compact size whilst still offering plenty of space, whilst those seeking further luxury will appreciate the full range of cutting-edge features found in the Broadway model. Whatever your needs may be, Auto-Sleepers have got you covered with their Peugeot Coachbuilt; providing luxury comfort that allows travelers to truly make each journey special.

Auto-Sleepers Campervans

The iconic Auto-Sleepers Peugeot Van Conversion is back on the forecourt once again, and this time it's bringing with it a range of van conversions and campervans designed to take your traveling experiences to the next level. With features ranging from compact versatility to luxurious living, they've got something to offer everyone. Whether you're a couple looking for the perfect campervan to experience the world together or a family and friends adventure-ready for any destination, Auto-Sleepers has you covered. 

The Symbol provides the perfect introductory model for anyone wanting an easy-to-use van conversion that fits all their needs into one compact package. It's great for those who are new to van conversions or those who need an option that's easily transportable. But if you're looking for more in terms of comfort and space, then the Symbol Plus may be just what you're after. Bigger than its predecessor, this model also offers a little more creature comforts with an integrated kitchenette and space for two or three people depending on set up. 

For couples looking for a vehicle that provides no shortage of luxury yet remains practical enough to tackle any journey, then look no further than the Warwick Duo. This sleek design ensures maximum interior space without compromising on style or functionality, making it ideal for two travelers who want something homely yet robust enough to explore any terrain. Once you step up into larger models like the Kemmerton XL, Fairford and Fairford Plus you'll find yourself in another realm altogether - one filled with plush furnishings and quality materials that can handle anything life throws at them with ease. 

If you're after something truly special then take a look at their flagship models - The Kingham and Warwick XL; but be warned: these are not your average campervans! Boasting unrivalled ergonomics thanks to sleek designs combined with state-of-the-art technologies such as climate control systems, panoramic windows and fully integrated kitchens, these vans bring all the best elements of luxury travel with them wherever they go. Whatever your needs may be, Auto-Sleepers has something that will fit perfectly - so come down today and discover your dream campervan!

Auto-Sleepers Coachbuilt AL-KO

A step ahead of the field is the Auto-Sleepers Coachbuilt AL-KO range; with unrivalled heritage and luxury, these beautiful motorhomes are perfect for any adventure-seeking couple or family. With two lines to choose from, the Corinium FB and the Corinium Duo, you can be sure that Auto-Sleepers Coachbuilt AL-KO has the right motorhome to accommodate your needs. Boasting a lavish lounge complete with a fully equipped kitchen and rear bedroom, these homes provide you with a chic modern interior throughout the cabin, creating a luxurious and homely atmosphere no matter where you find yourself. 

When it comes to quality and convenience, Auto-Sleepers Coachbuilt AL-KO offer unparalleled comfort on your journey as well as all of the features you need in one place! Plus they come in several different sizes depending on how many people will be travelling – so there’s something suitable for everyone. Whether it’s the classic Corinium FB or its larger counterpart the Corinium Duo, both models boast all of today’s luxuries including air suspension for extra comfort when driving long distances and even have their own built-in satellite navigation systems so you never lose your way. 

What sets apart Auto-Sleepers Coachbuilt AL-KO from other motorhome models is that they are made from robust materials which ensure that your journeys remain safe and enjoyable. In addition to this, each model also includes an array of consumer-friendly amenities such as energy-efficient LED lighting which means that you don’t have to worry about running out of power while away from civilisation. And if you ever run into trouble on your travels then rest assured knowing that their 24/7 customer support team are always available to help. 

So why wait? Start making memories today by investing in an Auto-Sleepers Coachbuilt AL-KO range motorhome! Get in touch with us today for more information on this luxurious range of motorhomes – why not start planning your next vacation today? Experience all that life has to offer whilst travelling in style with quality features like no other!

Auto-Sleepers Mercedes Coachbuilt

Mercedes are renowned for their performance and drivability, and the Auto-Sleepers Mercedes Coachbuilt range is no different. The Mercedes Coachbuilt range truly is a driving experience like no other; offering superior comfort, unparalleled convenience, and effortless operation – it’s no wonder why these luxury motorhomes are so popular.

The line-up consists of the Stanton, Bourton, Malvern, Winchcombe, Burford, and the Burford Duo; each model offering their unique interpretation of the Mercedes Coachbuilt range. So, whether you require a more compact and manoeuvrable motorhome such as the Stanton or a spacious and elegant motorhome like the Burford Duo, Go European will have what you need.

Each model comes with an array of features designed to provide you with an improved level of comfort on your journey. From USB ports located around the cabin to soft leather upholstery in select models - Go European has spared no expense when it comes to providing customers with an enjoyable experience. Not forgetting about practicality either; each model offers plentiful storage solutions along with plenty of living space. 

For added peace of mind on your travels each model comes fitted with modern safety technologies including a lane departure warning system and parking assistance – all built around Mercedes’ legendary safety standards. Furthermore, many models are equipped with driver assistance packages which can make long road trips seem effortless. 

Packed full of innovative quality-of-life features; these motorhomes are sure to make your journey a breeze - leaving you to enjoy every minute that much more knowing that you’re in safe hands with Auto-Sleepers Mercedes Coachbuilt range!

Ford Air Camper

A brand new Custom Ford Campervan is ready to provide the perfect home away from home, no matter the destination. The Air model provides all the practicality and comfort needed for daily use, plus all the luxury of a motorhome. Compact and easy to drive in built up urban areas, your Air Campervan is also ready for adventure when you’re feeling more adventurous.

Whether you’re seeking an extended holiday or a short weekend getaway, this campervan offers a level of convenience that can’t be matched by other models. With plenty of storage space, your belongings can come along with you wherever you go - so there’ll always be room for extra supplies on longer trips. The icing on the cake is that you don't need to worry about accommodation - just relax and enjoy the ride in your very own home!

Inside, the plush interior has been designed with comfort in mind. Every inch of space has been carefully considered to make sure that everything you need is close to hand. Ergonomic seating provides additional support as well as optimum relaxation while a fully equipped kitchenette means that you won’t have to leave camp each night for dinner. The roomy sleeping area gives you a place to rest after a long day exploring while modern amenities such as air conditioning and USB charging ports keep things comfortable and functional. 

For those who love the great outdoors but want something a little different, there's no better choice than a Custom Ford Air Campervan. Ready to take on any challenge and provide maximum comfort along the way, this customizable option will ensure that any journey – big or small – will be one unforgettable experience!


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