Advertising Guidance

20.04.2020 want to ensure a pleasant, safe and convenient experience for all users of the website. In order to achieve that, we recommend to everyone posting an ad and using our website to have a look at the Advertising Guidelines of the website and make sure to follow them. Using our Advertising Guidelines will help you post a more efficient listing that will reach out to more people and help you find, buy or sell whatever you want quicker.

Users of the website are responsible for making sure that the adverts and listings posted are suitable for listing on our website and all website, legal and international rules are taken into account. Although we strive to provide you with comprehensive and helpful guidelines, we understand that this page might not represent a full list. In case you are not sure about something, do not hesitate to contact us.


• No harmful, graphic, racist or obscene language is allowed in adverts. We reserve our right to delete adverts containing this type of content.

Copyright Infringement

• We do not support the trade of copies and replicas of original brands and the infringement of copyrights. We reserve our right to delete adverts that sell or promote in one shape or another copies and replicas of original brands.

• Items that exist in an online format only may not be sold without written permission from the author.

Tobacco Products and Alcohol

• We do not accept adverts of tobacco and alcohol products.


• We do not accept adverts of weapons from any kind, including guns and other firearms, deactivated firearms, replica firearms, firearm accessories, crossbows, any kind of knives.


• We only accept advertisements of lingerie and underwear that is new and unworn.

Business Opportunities

• MLM schemes for generating income through recruiting new members will not be advertised.

• All business opportunities adverts should clearly state the product or service to be sold, whether any upfront payment is required, whether the work involves the recruitment of further people.


• You should own the item and be able to provide a service legally in order to post an ad (except agents selling or renting property and vehicle selling brokers).
• If the item is new, you should have it in stock.

Pets and Animals

• All adverts of pets and animals should be accompanied by a recent photo of the animal.

• We do not accept adverts of cats younger than 9 weeks. We do not accepts adverts of dogs and other mammals younger than 8 weeks. We do not accepts adverts of animals that are yet to be born. We do not accept adverts of animals that are pregnant.

• Advertisers classified as a business of breeding dogs for sale should be licensed and certified.

• We do not allow animals to be bought with the intention to be resold.

• Advertisers offering to rescue animals should clearly state whether they are offering a permanent home for the animal, or whether the animal will be eventually rehomed to a new owner.

• We do not accept adverts for dog breeds that are controlled under current UK Dangerous Dogs legislation. We do not accept adverts for dogs trained to be aggressive.

• Animals listed within Annex A of the CITES endangered species list must be sold with a valid Article 10 certificate.

• We do not accept advertisements for animals controlled under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

• We do not accept advertisements of wild-caught animals.

• We do not accept advertisements for dogs with clipped or cropped ears and dogs advertised as suitable for illegal activities.

• Live animals are not to be delivered through post or by courier service.

• We do not accept animals being advertised as a “gift”, “urgent” or “must-go” as this may result in the animal going to an unsuitable home.

• We do not allow live animals to be advertised as food.

• We do not accept advertisements for animals to be swapped.

• reserves the right to delete, suspend or ban any member who we believe is acting in an irresponsible way.


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