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Room Share

With so many opportunities for room share you can find through our directory you are guaranteed to find the best room or the roommate you are looking for.

Greenwich, South East London


One single room to rent at Plumstead from July the 1st. 320 per months. Close to the train station.


Ilford, East London


OFFER: 30% discount on the rental price. RENT £130 PER WEEK - for the first 6 weeks of the tenancy, after this £170 for...


Retford, Nottinghamshire


1st weeks rent-free * no fees * bills and wifi included. Lime Tree Avenue, Retford, DN22 7BB. Your room is more than just a...


Retford, Nottinghamshire


First weeks rent-free * no fees * bills and wifi included.  The Queens, Queen Street, Retford, DN22 7DA.  Hotel-style accommodation...


Kensington, West London


This beautiful ensuite double room is available now for professionals.The room is a large double ensuite room with access to the...


Haringey, North London


Hi there, we are looking for a new tenant for our household. Preferably non-smoker and clean. Party animals please skip this ad :)The...


Edinburgh, Scotland


Large double room in three bedrooms third floor flat available short term (minimum let one month).£185 per week - single occupancy...


Bournemouth, Dorset


Double Room within easy walking distance of Beach and Town Centre with all it has to offer. Includes all Bills and wi-fi and No Deposit...


Heathrow, West London


Newly renovated 5 bedroom house.Double - £550Double - £550Double - £599Double - £650Double - £650space for...


Harrow, North West London


Double room to let, ideal for professional.Rent £60 PW per person or £120 PW for the room.Single bed, mattress and wardrobe...


Recent studies of the real estate market show that more tenants are recently choosing the room share option whenever they are looking for a long- or short-term accommodation. No longer the room share option is considered only during the university years. Recently, more and more people of all ages are opting for a room share because of some of the pros this option comes with, mainly the affordability.

We are now opting for a room share and living together with partners, friends, relatives, family members, even colleagues and getting along in this complex room share structure is fundamental and essential for a harmonized living and overall experience. Therefore, whenever you want to make sure your room share experienced is good, here are some things you need to consider.

Room Share: Everyone is the boss

If you want to ensure a peaceful and harmonious room share experience, remember that in this configuration there is not a single person, who has to boss around the others and there is not a leader. When it comes to room share, everyone should have their rights and responsibilities and these should be equal. Living in a room share configuration often means taking on more responsibility whether it comes to the cleaning part or paying the bills. Therefore, in a room share experience, all responsibilities should be taken equally by every member, especially when it comes to bills and utilities. Utilities need to go in the names of everyone in this room share configuration and the costs should be split equally.

Room Share: Cleaning

Just like the utility bills should be spread equally between the members of a room share configuration, the same applies to the responsibilities for cleaning and maintaining the space or the room. Well, there is also one important thing to remember when it comes to a room share situation – we all have different ideas of cleanliness and cleaning.

The point is, if you want this room share thing to work, there should be respectful towards the ideas and understanding of cleanliness of everyone involved in this room share thing. Therefore, for a room share affair to work, you want to make sure that everyone agrees on the best way to clean the room. Set some ground rules for how to tidy the room, agree that everyone should clean after themselves and that everyone should take the responsibility for the weekly deep clean. This is how the room share configuration will work better and in harmony.

Room Share: Be Responsible with Your Stuff

Ideally, everyone involved in the room share thing will be trustworthy and responsible to their own stuff and the stuff of everyone living in this room share configuration. However, it is still better to be on the safe side, therefore you want to be mindful with your belongings. For example, whenever you are not in the room but you have some valuables left behind, you can lock them in a closet or drawer that is yours only. You can also consider the idea of getting some sort of lockable storage for your valuable items in this room share situation.

Room Share: Respect

If you want this thing to work, you definitely must ensure respect. With respect to the others, their lifestyles and habits, their belongings, this will help you live together in harmony and friendship. The same applies to the rest who live with you – they need to respect you. Of course, there will be times when you disagree or misunderstood from time to time. And it may feel awful, however, all issues can be easily resolved if you all simply sit down and discuss the problem, try to find the best solution together and act with respect to each other.