Sponsor Licence Specialists

Very many businesses in the UK today need to employ staff from overseas, for the simple reason that we do not have enough home-grown talent. However, you cannot just advertise and hire someone from another country without a licence from the Home Office to do so. That is fair enough, but applying for such a sponsor licence is by no means straightforward. The “Rule Book” is 200 pages long! This is why many people who are seeking to hire staff from abroad come to us atSponsor Licence Specialists in the UK because we can provide you with a seamless application procedure from start to finish. Furthermore, as you might imagine, there are fees to pay for a sponsor licence and these can vary according to the size of your organisation and the length of time over which you plan to employ someone. Not only that, but if your organisation fails to meet certain responsibilities you can also suffer from fines. As UK sponsorship consultants of many years standing, at Sponsor Licence Specialists we are fully conversant with all of the technicalities and the legal requirements. Making your application for a sponsor licence has to be done in the correct way in order to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

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