Smokeless Coal Ovals 25kg

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Smokeless Ovals 25kg

Full Pallet: £487.99
1/2 Pallet : £269.99
1/4 Pallet : £169.99

The Smokeless Ovals is a cost-friendly fuel without compromising performance. The high temperatures the ovoids burn at make them ideal for those cosy nights before the fire. This product typically slumbers well, often lasting overnight.
With high radiant heat, this incredibly long-burning fuel burns hotter, cleaner, and longer.
This low-emission product is clean-burning, designed for use in Smoke Control Areas, producing less CO2 and more heat than traditional house coal.
HouseFuel Smokeless Ovals is a Ready to Burn approved fuel, ensuring you can purchase confidently.
Approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.
Ideal for use on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, room heaters, and cookers.
Good heat output.
An excellent choice for those who want to stick to a budget without compromising quality.
Manufactured in the UK.

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