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LeadFocus is a family run digital marketing agency working closely with tradesmen from builders to landscapers. We believe everyone deserves a chance for success. It is important for us that our clients not only succeed in dominating their market but also become as financially successful and sustainable as possible for their own families. Being able to provide for your parents, partner, children and others is so important to us. That is why we set up this company.

With our combined 30 years of experience, we originally built and ranked websites for underfunded local councils and small businesses. From there, we began to work with clients from all sectors and locations. It wasn’t until we began working with low-budget local businesses in areas from London and Manchester for us to realise how many smaller, family-run companies could use our help. Originally, we used our own income and resources to fund these companies until we could fund ourselves while building the perfect process for any local company to thrive within a year.