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Redwood Financial is an award-winning family-run Estate planning and Will Writing company operated in Droxford, Southampton, Hampshire. We help our clients to grow, protect and delight in their wealth with our expertise in Investment Management, Pensions & Retirement Planning, as well as Wills, Trusts, Inheritance Tax, and Estate Planning. Our experts keep family at the heart of whatever we accomplish. To us, our clients are actually our extended family, not just as a quantity.

As a result, this "family" theory develops us unique amongst our competitors. Our Estate Planning services guarantee that your benefits are definitely secured from the nastier things in life; like Long Term Care Fees, Inheritance Tax, Divorce, and Relationship Breakdowns in a legal and tax-efficient way. Through helpful Estate Planning, we will support you and take command of your properties to make sure that your beneficiaries receive the right money, at the right time and it stays with them. Jasmine Lambert is our handling director and is a professional Chartered Financial Planner. She is also a participant in the Society of Will Writers. Consult us today and get professional financial advice from her or a member of our experienced team.



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