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Well....the reason behind the name CoverMyBubble is this..... we’ve always referred to our family as ‘My Bubble’. Everyone has a ‘Bubble’ whether it’s your home, partner or children! We want to protect everyone’s bubble with the best insurance policy for them, that suits their needs and circumstances.

We've learnt that having the right cover in place can help considerably should events happen beyond our control. We want this for our Bubble and know its important for others to have it for themselves.

Our experience makes us passionate about what we do, we would be delighted to look at your insurance needs to make sure your ‘Bubble’ is properly protected should the worst happen..... There’s too many ‘What if’s’ nowadays, should anything happen it’s better to have a little bit of insurance than none at all. We’ve been there, we don’t want any family to go through what we suffered for nearly 10 years.

We can review your current circumstances, get to know you a little and present the most suitable package available to cover your bubble. We are happy to give you a free of charge, no-obligation review for your current documents to make sure you have proper protection, suitable for you and your bubble. 

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